Docker Node Workflow

Ever worried about the security of the npm ecosystem? The danger is real. A dependency you install from npm may contain malicious code that can run with your application. When you run your app locally with node , that code may have full access to your local environment variables, filesystem…

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Aliasing modules in RequireJS

Ever wanted to alias a module in RequireJS ? I have. When your JavaScript project's dependencies support AMD, the Asynchronous Module Definition specification, it is wonderful! No shimming necessary. But alas, your dependencies might use module names that differ from your own or others'. Is it…

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ScrollX, Scroll Why? History!

In this blog, I propose a solution to a problem facing developers in the single-page application space, especially the mobile subspace. The challenge revolves around a pesky behavior present in all popular browser implementations. This is the automatic restoration of last scroll position upon return…

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Orientation for <meta> viewport?

Apple invented the viewport meta key to "improve the presentation of your web content on iOS." Many of the popular mobile browsers followed with implementations, including the Android Browser, Chrome for Android, Safari Mobile, Firefox for Mobile or Opera Mobile. While W3C specifications are…

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